Sean Bacon
Bradford Prairie

Fido is an all-in-one dog health app that provides the users the ability to monitor their pet. With the combination of a smart collar, the app allows users to keep track of their dogs location, activity, and vitals throughout the day, with the option to connect with a vet in real-time. It’s target audience includes individuals who are new dog owners or owners with busy lifestyles that want to be able to keep track of their pets' health and location.

Research was obtained through interviews, card sorting, sitemaps, and paper prototypes. Results from the gathered information highlighted that data and graphs were an important characteristic to implement into this design. Within the design, hierarchy was emphasized on straightforward and concise accessibility of information. The color palette was kept monochromatic and soft to create an approachable health app, while the illustrations were designed to evoke a friendly humanistic sensibility.

Onboarding Flow-
Creating your dogs profile and
connecting to your smart collar device